Destination wedding in Kumarakom

Destination wedding in Kumarakom is the most modern concept and trend in wedding event management scenario in Kerala. Everyone would like to solemnize their life’s most important event at a picturesque and naturally gifted place like Kumarakom. In the backdrop of the Vembanad Lake, the largest backwater in Kerala, this naturally created theme makes Kumarakom an enchanting place which is ideal for exotic and heavenly function like destination wedding in Kumarakom. When you create your wedding function in this naturally themed place your sweet memories will blend with the natural beauty and swing along with the sweet waves of blue water waves. The flora and fauna of Kumarakom is mended with the background of bird’s sanctuary to create a heavenly atmosphere. The stunning beauties of Kumarakom will enshawl your sweet marriage imagination with the heavenly theme offered by the nature. Kumarakom is well connected by very good road and just within 50 miles from Cochin international Airport. You will love to have the following consideration for your ever-loved destination wedding in Kumarakom. Let the Egrets, darters, herons, teals, waterfowls, cuckoo, wild duck and migratory birds like the Siberian Stork decorate the background of your wedding theme.



destination wedding in Kumarakom

destination wedding in Kumarakom


Each of the options mentioned give an entirely different experience. Your creative choice and imagination along with your custom requirement are the only influencing parameter that makes an option from the above as relevant.


Destination wedding in Kumarakom Vembanad backwater view

Amongst the choices of your destination wedding in Kumarakom, Vembanad backwater is one of the lovely choices available. While you get married in the married to a new life your venue becomes the nature itself. The stunning natural beauty of Vembanad backwater will definitely bring a heavenly touch to your auspicious moments. The floating rich and luxury house boats add the richness to the wedding destination in general. Though bit costly option even you may solemnize the destination wedding in Kumarakom Vembanad backwater view wedding function in an exotic rented palace like house boat surrounded by your friends and relatives. Applying a blending or highlighting theme to the destination wedding in Kumarakom Vembanad backwater view will definitely multiply the feel and look of the function by several folds.


All the associated tasks associated with the destination wedding in Kumarakom Vembanad backwater view will be planned, co-ordinated and executed by the experts of the Shaadhi wedding management team for you. Excellent view of the Vembanad backwater will be chosen and prepared for the wedding function. From selection and booking of the necessary accommodation like cottages including honeymoon cottages, dining arrangements, function-venue decoration, videography, photography, recreation arrangements etc will be planned by Shaadhi. The required personals will be made ready to host the function. The required transport arrangements, booking, house boat booking everything will be selected and executed for you on behalf of Shaadhi.


Destination wedding in Kumarakom heavenly resorts

A variety of options are available under destination wedding in Kumarakom heavenly resorts. Plenty of venues like traditional architecture buildings like Victorian two storied bungalow Taj Garden Retreat and many modern venues are there to select from. Each of the heavenly resorts has its own special features associated with them for conducting destination wedding in Kumarakom heavenly resort. These resorts are capable of accommodating and royally servicing the entire invitees on behalf of Shaadhi wedding management team.


The enchanting heavenly resort selected as the venue for destination wedding in Kumarakom are well known resorts, known for their international standard services and etiquettes, having sufficient accommodation facilities, boutique halls and other required facilities to host a class wedding suitable for your status and convenience.


Destination wedding in Kumarakom Banquet Hall

If you want to conduct Destination wedding in Kumarakom in a traditional and ethnic way the best option is to conduct the function in a banquet hall before the invited audience. You need to make all the arrangements that are suitable for the customized function. Arrangements for traditional marriages along with the destination wedding in Kumarakom banquet hall need special expertise, skill and knowledge of the customs and traditions. Shaadhi wedding management team has the expertise and sources for obtaining the entire infrastructure required for such function.


Whatever your selection of the venue maybe Shaadhi wedding management team make all the arrangements whatever it may be available to conduct the destination wedding in Kumarakom in a very pleasant and without any hazels.