Destination Wedding Planners in Kochi

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular with couples who are eager to skip the fuss of a traditional wedding and jump right into the fun. A destination wedding can involve just the two of you; a select handful of family and friends; or enough guests to constitute a bona fide week-long family (or college) reunion. Destination weddings give the couple the opportunity to choose a site that has a special meaning for them, such as a favorite country, locale, or even terrain–a mountain view or beach might just “fit” their personalities–or they might simply choose a beautiful location they’d like to spend time in with their close friends and families. A destination wedding is typically an event where the bride and groom plan an away from home wedding, inviting their closest family members and friends to an ideal location and make the event a semi-vacation. Destination weddings are typically smaller than traditional weddings, with the guest count ranging from just the bride and groom plus honor attendants to around 50 or 60 guests. It all depends on the location.

destination weddings

Destination Weddings


Destination weddings are Simple

Destination weddings can be so much simpler to plan and execute than close to home weddings. This may seem counter intuitive, since it can be very difficult to orchestrate an event long distance, but it actually is easier to plan a wedding at a distant destination.


Destination weddings are Affordable

Destination weddings are typically less expensive than local weddings. The couple pays for their resort stay and the wedding package or their unique design, and the guests pay their own way to the location and their accommodations. Couples can have a large or small wedding and control their spending. They also may get discounts and deals from the resorts when they extend their stay, book a certain number of rooms and arrange their honeymoon at the same venue.


Relaxed Wedding

Wedding planning is stressful and often family and friends can create drama and confusion for the couple. Having a destination wedding eliminates a great deal of stress since the wedding is far away and only a limited number of people can attend. Also, enjoying the convenience of a wedding package that includes everything the couple needs allows them to enjoy the day and relax. They still have a few details to take care of, but overall, the people at the resort do all the heavy lifting when it comes to planning the wedding.


Attire for Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are often outside the box, so what you wear at one can be too. These types of weddings can be as informal or formal as the couple desires, and the traditional white wedding may even be out of place depending on your location. Before deciding on the theme, research the area where you will have your ceremony performed to get an idea of what couples typically wear there, and be practical. A long train will be out of place on the beach, but it will be perfectly acceptable in a resort’s reception room.

If you’re going the traditional route, you will need formal and evening attire along with your wedding attire. You will also want to bring some casual clothes and beach attire if you plan to do any touring or want to relax. For a casual beach wedding, you may opt for a dressed-down look with casual dresses and khakis. Make sure the guests know what the expected attire is beforehand though so that you don’t have a guest in coattails while everyone else is in polos.


  • Determine the budget and set the date
  • Choose a location
  • Book the service
  • Research any legal requirements in the area to begin any licensing procedures
  • Make sure your own documentation is current, such as passports or insurance
  • Establish contact with any outside services you will be using.


A shot from Destination Wedding Location

A shot from Destination Wedding Location


Destination Wedding Ceremonies on its Flow


Mehndi Ceremony

Bride & Groom will be bring by boat from sea to ceremony venue. Venue will be prepared for Mehndi Ceremony. A Special platform will be set for Bride & Groom. Gazebo (Mandap) will set at platform in Bride & Groom’s Dresses Colour (or they can choose a colour). Place for Bride & Groom will decorated by chiffon and fresh flowers. Two Indian thematic armchair will set for Bride & Groom .Carpets and matresses will lay to ground. Columns at venue will be decorated in different coloured fabrics and fresh flowers and each of them An Altar will set at enterance of Venue and decorated with fresh flowers.


Bridal table will set special. Colorful runners and suplas will lay on it. Accessories, fresh flowers and candle holders will use to decorate Chairs of Bride & Groom will decorated with special flowers. Round and Long tables will set at venue. Tables and White Lake Chairs will decorate with satin and multi colour fabrics, colourfull satin table cloth will lay on tables and 5 different colours suplas will set under dishes. Same colours satin ribbons with suplas will used to bow tie napkins and napkin bracelets will be used. Fresh flower arrangements will be use in centerpiece of tables in accessories. Candles will use to decorate tables.


destination wedding ceremonies kerala


Sangeeth Ceremony

A special altar will set poolside venue entrance and will decorated with fresh flowers. Venue at poolside will set for sangeet. Stage will set at venue and Gazebo- Mandap will set for Bride & Groom. Special decorated armchairs mattresses and coffee tables will set. Also a bridal table will set special for bride and groom.
destination wedding sangeet ceremonies kerala


Haldi Ceremony

An available venue will set at saloon for Haldi Ceremony. Matresses and rugs will lay on ground. Here the guests bless the bride by adding turmeric paste on her face.Open Buffet presentation will be decorated with fabric and flowers same colour with decoration.
Destination Wedding ceremony Haldi


Wedding Ceremony

The groom will come to the wedding venue on a white horse, accompanied by 2 Dholak.The relatives of the groom will come to the place,where bride and her relatives will be waiting.


A stage will set at venue at Green area Gazebo (Mandap) will set on stage and will decorated with fabrics and fresh takates flowers. 2 seats will be placed for bride & groom. The venue will be decorated with seasonal local fresh flowers.Bistro tables will be prepared and will be decorated with fabrics for guests who will watch the ceremony by standing. Seating arrangement will set with wooden chairs and will decorate with colourfull tulles. Chairs on bridal walk path will decorate with flowers.An Altar will be set up on the entrance and will be decorated with fresh flowers and colourful tulles.6 columns will set on bridal walkway and colourfull fresh flowers will use for decoration. Carpet will roll on bridal walkway and roses leafs will pour on carpet.2 white doves will be released by the couple as a symbol for luck.Aerial video shooting by Drone. 3 professional photographer and 2 cameramen will serve Sound system and microphone will be set up Sound system and michrophone will set. Professional dj and dj setup.