Wedding Planners in Kochi, Kerala & Bangalore

Shaadhi Wedding Planners in Kochi, Kerala & Bangalore  has gained a trust of more than 1000s of people as one of the best Wedding Management team from Kerala for their astonishing services. Its not the service being an ordinary one , but how effectively and extra brilliantly we deliver it to the client and it have helped a lot of NRI clients to meet their wedding dreams within their budget. We are happy to receive a client not the money matters or bothers us and it is our duty to execute in the best way. The services that we offer before you are

Starting from the scratch : it starts from Invitation card designing , printing & mailing  to the honeymoon package

Customized  One : It May be either Venue Selection or there after Venue Selection  may be the stage design & décor.

Theme Wedding : Wedding based especially on colour theme or property based .

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Chairman & CEO‘s Message – Shaadhi as Wedding Planners in Kochi, Kerala & Bangalore

I am very much happy to see that we are the one who maintains the quality till the end of the event. I am sure that our team strength and proper planning has lead us to great heights. I am more surprised that , our name has spread among the NRI group for the quality service that we have given and also now.

Director & Co Founder‘s Message – – Shaadhi as Wedding Management Team Kochi, Kerala & Bangalore

It was truly a rare experience for me , people identified me easily on behalf of wedding planner when I was in a world tour. I have understood that our service quality has made us grow great and achieve our goal and I am certain that Shaadhi Wedding Management will surely plan creative and innovative weddings not only in Kerala but also in other places apart from all religions and regions. 

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