STAR CHEF 2018 – Rules and Regulations

STAR CHEF 2018 – Rules and Regulations
1. A team of 3 – 4 members can participate in the contest.
2. The time allocated for cooking is 1 hour.
3. The team should prepare a dish and given a creative name for the dish in the prescribed time.
4. The contest will be taking place as 4batches per day on July 14th and 15th and in each batch 4 teams will be participating.
5. The team should select the ingredients required from the basket of groceries provided,plan,name the dish and prepare the dish, all ingredients and utensils will be provided no ingredients from outside is allowed.
6. A registration fee of Rs.1030 will be collected and will be refunded Rs.1000 after the participation. Bank Charge Rs.30 will not be refunded.
7. The workspace provided should be well used and kept clean, throughout the competition.
8. All participants should wear an apron and a cap. (will be provided from the hotel)
9. All the team members should report at least half an hour before the scheduled contest time informed to them.
10.The winners of the competition will be announced on 15th July 2018 during the closing ceremony of the Shaadhi Wedding Expo.
11.The criteria for deciding the winner will be,
(ii)Creative name
(iii) Hygiene
(v) Wastage