Wedding management in Kumarakom

Wedding Management in Kumarakom is a cumbersome process since the task needs focus and attention on diversified activities. Most of the marriages solemnized in Kumarakom are destination wedding in Kumarakom or Theme wedding in Kumarakom or a combination of both types. Being one of the most heavenly and picturesque location in Kerala more and more people want to conduct their wedding functions at Kumarakom. Everyone wish to mend their wedding ceremony with the natural beauty of Kumarakom which is surrounded by the magnificent and spectacular water blanket laid by the Vembanad Lake. In order to materialize this dream into a reality one has to entrust the wedding management in Kumarakom to an expert in wedding management activities like Shaadhi wedding management team who have expertise in the whole activities. The various activities associated with the wedding management in Kumarakom are reviewed here in Phases:-



wedding management in kumarakom

wedding management in kumarakom


Wedding Management in Kumarakom – Planning phase

Planning phase is the most important phase of wedding management in Kumarakom. This is the time of conceiving ideas, considering the ambitions and evaluating the pros and cons of the wedding event. This phase involves detailed discussion on the overall wedding function. Rituals, Customs, traditions, function order, decoration themes, presentation, musical themes, venue arrangement, guest management, seating arrangements, transport arrangement, length of each events, dining arrangements, video and photography arrangement etc need to be briefed at this phase. Various meetings will be scheduled with the customer and details about the choices will be discussed and the frame work of the event will be outlined at the planning phase of Wedding management in Kumarakom.


Wedding Management in Kumarakom – Budgeting phase

Once the planning phase is over next task is wedding management in Kumarakom – budgeting phase. In this phase each of the tasks will be reviewed from pricing point of view. Each of the tasks will be assessed in terms of cost involved as available from the market and as required by client. These options will be combined under different options. Once the costing element for each of tasks involved in wedding management in Kumarakom – budgeting phase is finished a combined estimate will be prepared so that the client will get a picture of financial involvement for the wedding function. Pros and cons of each of the option will be evaluated with the client and due reconsiderations will be made. Budgeting phase is the key phase since a planning mistake or planning excellence may directly influence the cost to a great extend. Only a wedding management expert like Shaadhi wedding event management team can achieve the proper budgeting excellence for your wedding management in Kumarakom – Budgeting phase.


Wedding Management in Kumarakom – Preparations phase

In the Wedding management in Kumarakom – Preparations phase, the contractors or service providers will be finalized for the wedding event. The required contract assurance / service assurance will be obtained from each of the provider by Shaadhi wedding management team. Various rituals are the religious or solemn ceremony that consists of series of actions performed in a prescribed order. The time of rendering of service, dining arrangements, decoration arrangements, code of conduct, uniforms for the servicing staff, location preparation schedule, and all other activities will be reviewed and executed during Wedding management in Kumarakom – preparation phase of operation. The experts will review the preparation with the client before entering the final stage of preparations. The comfort, overall sequence of the event, ritual arrangements, custom requirements, and tradition standards everything will be subject to a final review with the client. Any last minute suggestions or requirement will be incorporate at wedding management in Kumarakom – Preparation phase.


Wedding Management in Kumarakom – Co-ordination & Event management phase

The phase, Wedding management in Kumarakom – Co-ordination & Event management phase is the most critical phase of the event. The real execution of the task is done at this phase, so almost every impact is irreversible. This is where you will find the entire task management team and crisis management team of Shaadhi wedding in their fullest action. The entire activity will be directly co-ordinated by our experts in each field. Each tasks of wedding management in Kumarakom – Co-ordination & Event management phase will be under vigilant supervision of Shaadhi professionals and will be ensured according to the fullest satisfaction of the client. We ensure everything is in a linear flow and rhythm of the entire function is preserved throughout. Every event in the wedding is ensured to have highest quality. The wedding management in Kumarakom – Co-ordination & event management phase has been always subject to the praising of our clients in general. The rituals, customs, tradition, comfort, enjoyment and flow everything will be ensured by experts for you. For every single task you will find a responsible person of Shaadhi is there to co-ordinate.


Wedding Management in Kumarakom – Post event management phase

Though looks as less important, the post events of wedding management in Kumarakom are not to be ignored since it may create undesirable impact on the successful event. The comfort and leisure and the return arrangements for the guest is to be ensured till they leave the venue and reach their destination. Our experts have the expertise in handling this and in most cases use their efforts to ensure the highest quality of post event management phase is ensured as part of wedding management in Kumarakom.