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Being No 1 Wedding Planner in Kochi  and expert in Wedding  management Kochi  Shaadhi Team conduct Destination wedding in Kochi and  Theme wedding in Kochi  in a highly professional manner and to the fullest satisfaction of their clients since long. Once the task of wedding management Kochi is entrusted to Shaadhi wedding management Company, the most efficient wedding planner in Kochi, the client can sit back and relax while the professionals of Shaadhi organize, co-ordinate and conduct entire tasks. From the basic planning to the post event management everything will be   done for you. Theme wedding in Kochi and destination wedding in Kochi are the latest trends that are prevailing in the Cochin wedding concepts.

The various roles and wedding tasks carried out by the Shaadhi wedding management company Cochin are discussed here:-


Wedding Planner in Kochi:

As an expert wedding planner in Kochi Shaadhi management company Cochin carry out the planning task with the excellent skill of its wedding planning team. From the basic task of preparation of invitation to the honeymoon trip of the couple, the whole events related to wedding are identified and planned to fit the requirements of the wedding client. At the very initial stage itself the budgetary requirements are plotted and made viable to the client.

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Wedding Management Kochi:

The success of a marriage function in Kochi is directly linked to the Wedding management Kochi. Wedding hall seating arrangement, Theme selection, decoration, stage setting, ceremonies, guest entertainment, refreshment, dining and many other activities are falling under wedding management Kochi. Transport management, floral arrangements are the other tasks associated with the wedding management Kochi.

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Destination Wedding in Kochi:

Destination wedding in Kochi is one of the latest trends in wedding venue planning. There are plenty of picturesque destinations available in and around the Kochi City. Blessed with the presence of Arabian Sea, Back waters and Islands Kochi has many locations that are suitable to conduct destination wedding in Kochi. The Shaadhi wedding management has all the infrastructure and know-how for conducting destination wedding in Kochi of any nature. Even a wedding ceremony can be celebrated on a moving boat.

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Theme wedding in Kochi:

Theme wedding in Kochi is also one of the other trends that is being applied on wedding functions in Kochi. A themed wedding add up a distinction to the wedding function. Colors, design and concepts are mainly considered as the wedding themes. The arrangements for a Theme wedding in Kochi can only be provided by an expert wedding planner in Kochi like the Shaadhi wedding management company. We have all the skills and expertise to organize a themed wedding of any scale and size.

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